Travel Tips

Hotel Accomodations

Pitmar Tours selects quality hotels, normally of the AAA rated 3-star/diamond rating or better. It may not always be possible for us to accommodate all travelers in first-floor rooms at two-story hotels. Even though we request non-smoking rooms or ground floor, some hotels may not always be able to guarantee this request. Hotels try their best to fulfill our needs.


Luggage handling is provided as part of your tour. This service is limited to one piece of standard-sized luggage per person. Please keep the weight under 50lbs. Pitmar Tours luggage tags will be included in your final documents and should be attached to your piece of luggage to receive this assistance.

What to Wear

“Casual wear” is strongly recommended, and you will need to consider the following guidelines in light of the expected weather for your destination. For women, we suggest casual tops, slacks and knee length skirts or shorts. Long sundresses with a shirt are also common, as are sweaters and sweatshirts, and jeans. For men, casual pants, jeans or dress shorts along with a shirt, sweater or sweatshirt is appropriate. Lightweight woolens are suitable, and knits are extremely popular since they pack well and offer a degree of warmth when needed. Layered clothing is particularly helpful because of frequent moves from indoors to outdoors to motorcoach. A pair of broken-in, rubber-soled shoes is highly recommended, so you can comfortably walk at our tour stops. You may also want to bring a warm coat/jacket and gloves (depending on your departure date) and rain gear “just in case”.
Finally, due to the relaxed nature of our tours, suits, ties and formal dresses are not needed.

Don’t Forget to Bring

It’s a good idea to make a pre-trip list of the things you might use each day-prescription (and non-prescription) medicine, eye glasses, contact lenses, sun glasses, hearing aids, extra batteries for your camera, etc. A battery powered travel alarm clock, binoculars and a collapsible umbrella may come in handy. It will be less expensive to take film with you.
Brag book with pictures of grandchildren.

The Coach

We have a seat rotation policy that allows you to move to a different seat each day on the motorcoach. This system works very well to give everyone an opportunity to sit in a different section of the coach. Therefore, we cannot make special seating assignments. No smoking is allowed on the coach.

Money – United States

Most businesses along our tour routes vary on acceptance of credit cards, although generally you’ll find they accept most major cards. Personal checks are sometimes accepted, although some businesses will not accept out-of-state checks. ATM (Automatic Teller Machines) are also available in most locations for your convenience. If you plan to use an ATM, please remember your PIN number.
Travelers Checks: You can purchase travelers checks in U.S. currency before leaving home in whatever amount you feel will be adequate. Travelers checks are much safer than cash. At the same time we do find that it gets increasingly difficult for people to cash them at the various hotels.
Credit Cards: Often, a credit card purchase offers an excellent rate of exchange, and may avoid certain currency conversion fees. Most widely accepted are VISA, MasterCard and American Express. Some credit card companies may charge a fee for international charges, therefore you may want to check in advance with your credit card company. Personal checks are normally not readily accepted.
ATM Machines: ATM machines have become increasingly available in countries outside the U.S., and can offer a convenient and easy method for obtaining cash at any time of day. You may wish to check with your bank to inquire about any fees that are applicable and for instructions on using your card in the countries you will be visiting. We suggest that you do not plan to rely entirely on ATM machines to obtain cash.

Prescription Medication

Your personal medication should be kept in original labeled containers from the pharmacy and carried with you in your purse or carry-on bag. (It is a good idea to take an extra copy of your doctor’s prescription with you on the tour.) Please take enough medicine to last the length of the tour. You might also want to consider taking along your favorite stomach remedy in case of minor discomforts. The same is true of any vitamins, salt or sugar substitutes you may be using. If you need refrigeration for insulin, you can arrange that with each hotel. If you wear eyeglasses, contact lenses or a hearing aid, we suggest you bring along a spare.