Travel Insurance

Teresa is licensed and certified to provide travel insurance. The insurance provider is Manulife World, one of the most respected in the travel industry. You don’t want to worry about anything when you travel. But events happen, even to the most well-prepared travelers. You may have to cancel your trip at the last minute to tend to a family emergency. You might need medical assistance when you’re away. You just never know. There are several different types of travel insurance that can be purchased individually or as part of a package. They’re each designed to protect your travel investment and ensure you have a worry-free journey. Annual Package coverage is also available for the frequent travelers.

Credit Card Insurance

Lots of people believe they have sufficient coverage when paying for trips on their credit card. Make sure you ask your credit card company exactly what is the amount of coverage and for what? Will you or your spouse be covered if you have to in fly home in the middle of a trip for a family emergency? Does it cover prescription drugs? In an emergency, would you have to pay up-front for my covered medical expense?

Group Insurance Plans

The same applies to Group Insurance Plans. Ask if your spouse is covered for an subsistence allowance if you were to be in hospital and if it would pay for you both to return home? Does it cover loss or damage to your luggage? Do you have to pay first for covered medical expenses?

Out of Province Coverage

Many people assume that all of their costs will be covered if they are in an accident or have an emergency while out of the province. BC Medical will only pay for the medical portion of your emergency. It will not pay for any prescription drugs required, trip cancellation and interruption expenses or loss or damage to your personal property, such as luggage or video camera. Call Teresa at 604-596-9670 for your travel protection whether you require it for one of the coach tours or for any other travel adventures.